Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The place where I often sing karaoke, the Blue Moon, is hosting Rehoboth Idol, a singing competition like American Idol, starting tonight. The winner will receive $1000. in cash and an invitation to sing in future Blue Moon productions for money.

Shortly after meeting the Blue Moon's mistress of karaoke, Mona Lotts, last Aug she began asking me to compete in Rehoboth Idol in 2011. By Dec she'd made me promise I would do it so I've had this contest in my mind for several months. But unlike karaoke, there will be no lyrics up on a monitor during Rehoboth Idol. Contestants must memorize the song and lyrics and 'sell it' to the judges.

Unlike American Idol which feels like it goes on forever, Rehoboth Idol only lasts 4 weeks. Each week there is a theme. Tonight is the 1st night and contestants get to sing any song they wish. Then it goes like this:

  • Week 2: any song from the TV show "Glee"
  • Week 3: any song from a Broadway show
  • Week 4: any song from the disco era AND a 2nd song from any genre
I've pretty much decided on all my songs but I'm not going to list them yet in case I change my mind. But tonight I'm going to sing "Laughter in the Rain", made famous by Neil Sedaka. I've sung it at karaoke many times, I know all the lyrics, I'm very comfortable singing it, and people usually respond well to it.

So wish me luck tonight!


wcs said...

Good luck! Is it me, or are your posting dates off? This showed up in my Blogger reader today, but it's dated June 1. ??

anne marie in philly said...

go sweetie! bring it on home!