Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend highlights

This past weekend we went to Philadelphia with Steven & Thad to see some of the famous Christmas sights. (All photos may be clicked to enlarge them.)

We left at 9am and arrived in Philly at about 11am. Our first stop was Macy's, located in the old Wanamaker's bldg. We watched the famous Christmas light show (narrated by Julie Andrews) which was really cute.
Immediately afterward we listened to Christmas songs played on the world's largest working organ. Not that I'm a huge organ music fan, but I think Christmas songs sounds wonderful on an organ. Then we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant called Viet Nam, an old favorite of Thad.

Next we stopped at Termini Brothers Italian Bakery (one of mine and Spouse's favorites) inside the Reading Terminal Market for a little something sweet. Spouse had a chocolate chip cookie and 2 biscotti while I had a dark chocolate disc filled with macadamia nuts.
Then we headed back to Macy's to walk threw the Charles Dickens Village. There was a huge line for it and it turned out to be kinda lame. (I would recommend the Christmas light show and the organ music, but not the Dickens village.) Then we left Macy's and went inside Kenneth Cole for Spouse and inside LaCoste for Thad. We also walked through some bldgs to see the Christmas trees. I found this one to be gorgeous.
Afterward we stopped in at the Christmas Village, a collection of open air stalls selling Christmas ornaments and decor, hats, gloves, scarfs, and gifts. Spouse got 3 cashmere scarfs for $20.

Then we went to the Comcast headquarters lobby for the huge, impressive 3-D Christmas video display on the lobby wall. We arrived 20 minutes early. Here's Spouse, Thad, and me waiting for the show to start.
The 3-D show was so life-like!
It was really cool!

After being on our feet all day we finally checked into our hotel and relaxed a bit. (Steve got us gorgeous rooms at the Hyatt at Penn's Landing for $70.) Although it wasn't in the most convenient location, it was really nice, and our room was on the 17th floor and had a lovely view of the river and Ben Franklin bridge. Spouse & I watched the Christmas boat parade from our room.
Then the 4 of us met up with our friends Joe P and Allen for dinner at Maggianos.
We decided to order from the Classic Family Style menu and the 6 of us shared caesar salad, chopped salad, spinach and artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, chicken parmesan, lasagna, pork medallions, veal and mushroom ravioli, peppermint ice cream cake, and tiramisu. OMG!! Needless to say we all left there stuffed.

After dinner we went on a self-guided driving tour of the over-the-top Christmas decorations in South Philly, where Spouse's family is from. That was really fun!

Sun morning we had breakfast at South Street Diner, then did a little shopping at Ikea and then stopped in at Kindy's (over-priced) Christmas decor store before heading back to DE.

We had a great time with our buddies in Philly!


robertga99 said...

You played on the world's biggest organ? I'm so jealous! hehe
I have such a dirty mind.

Anonymous said...

Stop eating

Ron said...

Wow! A trip down memory lane. I used to work (and play) in Philadelphia during late 60's, 70's and early 80's before I got out of Dodge. You saw more in two days than I did in 30 years! However, I did see the Big Organ. Very impressive. I love your blog!

anne marie in philly said...

the light show has been around since the 1960s and was restored within the last 2 years. my grandmother ALWAYS took me to see it when I was but a wee thing.

the organ came from the 1904 world's fair in st. louis. it too has been restored within the past 5 years.

termini brothers - cannolis...nuff said!

I have not yet been to the comcast center to see their display, nor to the xmoose village outside city hall.

can you tell we philadelphians are damn proud of our heritage? as well we should be!

hope to catch up with all y'all next time! smooches!

Mike said...

OK, next time you're in Philly, you must visit the Reading Terminal, right across from the Convention Center. Row after row, stall after stall of the best food: produce, seafood, meats, candies, pastries, all sorts of ethnic treats. I swear i would LIVE in Reading Terminal!