Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home for the holidays

We're leaving this morning to spend Christmas (plus a few days) with our family and several friends in northern VA. Here's our tentative itinerary:
  • Thurs: Arrive by noon, lunch with Spouse's mom, grocery store, visiting, dinner, meet several friends for karaoke at Freddie's Beach Bar.
  • Fri: Visit, meet our friends Kerry & Hugh, George, Kelly, and Lisa for lunch, relax with Spouse's mom in the afternoon, then celebrate her birthday and Christmas Eve with the family and our friend Kathryn at Spouse's sister's house.
  • Sat: Christmas breakfast with Spouse's mom in the morning, then an early Christmas dinner with the family at Spouse's sister's house.
  • Sun: Free time in the morning, then an afternoon get together with our friends Ron & James and Mike & Clark, then dinner at the Taco House with the Newlyweds.
  • Mon: Pack up and head back to Delaware.

With 4 full days, we should have ample time to spend with both family and friends. Although Spouse's mom keeps the heat turned up WAY too high for our comfort, we've scheduled lots of outings and time away from the house to cool down. We're bringing long sleeves and sweaters for the outings and shorts and t-shirts when we're at her house.

Here's hoping that your holiday is warm (but not hot) and joyous!


Ron said...

I take it that this means there is no Friday Night Dine Out date this week. :(

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

anne marie in philly said...

happy holidays to you and spouse! smooches!

The Newlyweds said...

Mark - So sorry we aren't able to do dinner tonight. We are super bummed out.