Friday, August 08, 2008

Unbelievably beautiful

When I walked out the front door this morning to walk Jordan the dog, I was amazed at how unbelievably beautiful it was. Despite it being August, traditionally the hottest and most humid month for the Mid-Atlantic region, it was a delightfully cool 76 degrees without the slightest hint of humidity. The sun was shining brilliantly.

As Jordan and I began our slow walk (she's about 15 years old), we felt lovely, gentle breezes caressing our bodies.

"This is an unbelievably beautiful day, isn't it Jordan?" I asked her. She gave me a small yip of agreement.

Just as we passed our neighbor Brenda's house, she and her dog Molly came outside so Jordan and I stopped to chat for a moment. Brenda commented on the unbelievably beautiful day. Then Brenda's next door neighbors Ann & Barbara walked out to where we were talking and joined our little informal meeting. Ann & Barbara asked if we could believe this beautiful weather, and I chuckled silently as I imagined everyone would be saying such things today.

As we passed by house after house I noticed that every one had its windows open. Indeed, there was no need for air conditioning.

So upon returning to our house I rewarded Jordan with 2 milk bones (this is standard procedure after her walk) and then opened all the windows. As I sat down at my desk and began to work I delighted in the gentle breezes that caused the light-weight curtain panels in the windows to dance about.

A little later, the vacationers renting the house across the street brought their jump ropes out into the street. The moms turned the jump ropes and encouraged the kids who squealed with delight as they jumped and hopped. Even 1 of the dads, barefoot and still in his pajamas, joined in the jumping fun.

I believe I've seen more people bicycling passed our house today than any other day. I'm sure downtown Lewes and Rehoboth are absolutely teaming with day trippers.

It seems no one can resist an unbelievably beautiful day.

Crush du Jour: Chace Crawford


Christopher said...

Oh sure, rub it in while I suffer through the 90+ degree weather!

Is that your view??? WOW...that is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I said to AlternaChef upon leaving the house and discovering a day very similar to the one you describe, "What a perfectly lovely early fall day we're having!" which he responded that as a nearly San Franciscan, I'm not allowed to talk about weather to a Chicagoan.

RAD said...

Isnt it lovely how weather can be so good for the soul and your mood --lkudos to kissable!

Rick said...

Oh please send that climate my way. A great natural mood enhancer.

Java said...

I'm jealous. Even though we're no longer suffering 100 degree days, it's not as nice as you describe.

Victor said...

Great view; not just of Chace but out your window too.....