Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bad parent

You might be a bad parent if...

...you believe children should begin expressing themselves at an early age.

...you encourage your child to explore his curiosities, and your thong.

...you buy AND allow your daughter to wear this t-shirt.

...you believe its never too early in the day or in life to enjoy a cold brewsky!

...your idea of a cheap babysitter involves duct tape.

...you've ever said or thought "I love children... especially on a whole wheat roll!"

Crush du Jour: Rene Fris


Christopher said...

LMAO!...but seriously, Rene Fris???...hmmm...he kinda works my last nerve at time.

David Dust said...

That "baby on a bun" pic is going to show up on White Meat Monday - mark my words!

I agwee wif Cwistopha - Wené Fudd is not my favawit.


Stephen R. said...

These are HYSTERICAL!!

And scary. In a fun way.

A Lewis said...

And here all this time I thought that just simple crying or scream was a sign of a bad child....oh my god. Are these for real???

RAD said...

Giggle Giggle!! cute! Funny-I just told hubby that Renee is sorta cute when we watched SG last week....He looks good with his tan, it brings out his eyes...he is sorta irritating most of the time but he has somehow mananged to get a rise out you and I huh?

Java said...

I like that littlest girl in the top picture, still trying to get the finger just right.

Duct tape: a parent's best friend.