Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday fragments

Last night Spouse & I watched a great special on PBS called "Anyone and Everyone". It contained portions of interviews with a dozen or so families who explained how they dealt with their gay child's coming out to them. All of the families had a difficult time initially, most due to their religion's strong stand against homosexuality, and others due to cultural pressures. What I found most interesting was:
  1. All the families in the film reported a real need to become educated about homosexuality by reading books and the internet, going to therapy, and attending PFLAG meetings in order to find a way to reconcile their faith with their gay child. It was very encouraging to see families taking positive action to improve their relationship with their gay child.
  2. Many of the parents described a particular type of grief they felt, that their gay child's life was not going to turn out as they had always planned (ie: marriage, kids, house in the suburbs), even though that's exactly the life some of them do have now.
Check your local PBS listing and watch this documentary. You may be moved as I was to email PBS and thank them for the timely program.

My friend Michael is visiting this weekend, with his friend Maurice. Michael visited last summer but we did not wind up going to the beach on Sat, and then he left right after breakfast on Sun. Since Michael and Maurice are both single I have suggested to them that they plan to do what they want this weekend (bars, etc.), and use our place as a base camp. That way they won't feel obligated to do what Spouse & I want to do, and vice versa. I'm sure the 4 of us will have sufficient time to hang out together, whether its out and about, or at home.
I'm really looking forward to the summer Olympics! This might seem odd since I usually do not play or watch any sports, in person or on TV. But there's something about watching 'the best of the best' competing against one another, for personal excellence as well as the medals, that's exciting to me.

I also enjoy the winter Olympics a great deal, but the upcoming summer Olympics will feature mens diving and gymnastics. Can you say 'gorgeous bodies'??? Mmmmm...

For those going to Pride this weekend, have a blast! I hope everyone has a terrific weekend.

Crush du Jour: David Durante


David Dust said...

Happy Pride!!!!


Jeff said...

I think the diver in your post is Canadian Alexandre Despatie (whadda hunk!). Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

Java said...

That documentary sounds very interesting! I'd like to see it.

I agree about the summer Olympics. In the summer sports we get to see more of the gorgeous bodies. Of course those winter uniforms are pretty form-fitting, too. I like the diving best, I think.

Have a great weekend with your friends!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pride!!! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

And Iam glad there are resources out there for families to help them learn more about their gay children. Any good parent or good person would want that.

A Lewis said...

What?? You mean my life is just as boring, crazy, and mundane as the heteros? Say it isn't so!

cb said...

I'm just curious if all the steriods and doping will pay off in a big medal haul for the US!

Also, I'm curious if Michael Phelps genetically engineered body will win 7 gold medals in swimming.