Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free speech

For the record, I am an advocate for free speech. Even inflammatory and potentially damaging speech. In my opinion, we either have free speech or we don't. We can't claim that some free speech is our right, while other free speech should be prohibited because its hurtful.

I also believe that those who exercise their right to free speech must also be prepared to assume full responsibility and liability for the reactions and consequences of their speech. Oh yes! You are free to say want you want, but be prepared for the possible consequences.

For example, I believe comedian Michael Richards should be allowed to use racial slurs during his stand-up act, even though many find it offensive. Its his right to say them, and its our right to show him that its disgusting and boycott his performances if we're offended.

I believe McCain's top advisor Charlie Black has the right to say that "another terrorist attack on U.S. soil would be a "big advantage" for McCain", even though many find it offensive. Its his right to say it, and its our right to disagree and not vote for McCain. (As if any thinking person would vote for him in the 1st place. See? That's me exercising my right to free speech.)

A friend sent me this informative quiz that tests one's ability to match wildly inflammatory statements and song lyrics (free speech) to either the religious zealot or rapper who authored them. See how many you can get correct.

And speaking of speech, my fellow blogger
Doug has a funny video on his blog about the 'ultimate swear word'. I found elements of humor and truth in this, and hope you'll enjoy it too. FYI - this video is NSFW (not safe for work).

Crush du Jour: Myles Hannaman


Kevin said...

5/10 for me.

interesting post...interestingly, i saw some old dude on tv saying something very similar to this...

(paraphrasing)free speech gives people the right to say things that most people might not want to hear.

i agree that you can say something, but you better be prepared for the backlash or in some cases, the charges for hate speech.

Anonymous said...

We know your pain and are with you.

A Lewis said...

How have we avoided one another for THIS long? Shame on me. Gosh, I think I support that free speech thing in its entirety like you do....but it sure makes it difficult sometimes to listen to it. And I want to thank you for posting a pic of me on your post today......I must say that Myles looks amazingly just like me. Airbrushing abs and all.