Friday, July 29, 2016

Run DNC!

You may notice the lack of political posts on my blog.  This is not because I don't care, but rather, because I know other bloggers are better informed and cover the topics better than me, especially Bob.

But I'm taking this opportunity to talk about this week's DNC.  Spouse & I watched nearly all of it on TV all 4 nights, and I must say that I have never been so excited and proud to be a Democrat!  The quality of the speakers, the topics covered in their speeches, the factual information presented - all made me feel optimistic about this country's future.

While I didn't watch much of the RNC (honestly, I just couldn't stomach it) I saw plenty of quotes and videos on facebook.  Quite a stark contrast between the RNC and the DNC.

Then RNC's "celebrity" speakers (and I'm being generous by referring to them as such) included Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr, and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.  The political speakers included Ted Cruz who DIDN'T even endorse Trump during this speech, and various GOP governors, mayors, and senators.  Neither of the living Republican former presidents (Bush & Bush) chose to even attend, much less speak, nor did their vice presidents.

The DNC's celebrity speakers included actual celebrities you've seen on TV and films within the last decade such as Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Katy Perry.  The political speakers included Bernie Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama, Second Lady Jill Biden, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and former President Bill Clinton.

Not that celebrities should 'make or break' a convention, but it just seemed odd to me that the RNC appeared to be grasping for someone with a name to speak, while the DNC had current, relevent celebrity speakers.

But it was each convention's overall message and tone that couldn't have been more opposite.  

The RNC was all about making American safe and great again.  Trump and others talked about how sad our economy is and how the military was a mess.  I'm sure the fact-checkers had a field day with this, trying to find a single fact among all the rhetoric.  Trump also covered building a wall to prevent illegal Mexicans, restricting immigration of Muslims, repealing the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality law. It was an "us" versus "them" mentality, based on fear.  Hey, fear has worked for Republicans before.

The DNC was all about how America is already great, but that more work is needed to make it even better in many areas.  We're "stronger together" became the theme and there was a clear call for Americans to embrace immigration, expand healthcare, protect womens rights, GLBT rights, and campaign finance reform.  A message based on hope.

Probably the most heartening and inspiring thing for me was the absolute inclusion and welcoming of gays, lesbians, and transgender people.  I remember the 2008 debates when Presidential candidates were afraid to even express their belief that GLBT Americans should have equal rights, much less support legislation for such, for fear of turning off voters.  But just 8 years later at the DNC, speaker after speaker after speaker spoke about how we can't live up to our forefathers' vision for America without fully accepting our GLBT brothers and sisters and their talents and contributions.

Out gay congressman Sean Patrick Maloney spoke about his work with the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, his husband of 24 years, and their children. GLBT activist and fellow Delawarean Sarah McBride was the first ever transgender person to speak at a convention.  Historic and exciting!
Sarah McBride and Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

Looking out into the crowd of delegates there were lots and lots and lots of rainbow flags, rainbow clothing, rainbow signs, and enthusiasm.  Two friends of mine were among them.  Check out my friend Jon's rainbow wristband as seen on MSNBC:

I thought Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech was near perfection.  She managed to state her accomplishments and qualifications, welcome Bernie's supporters, welcome Independents, welcome Republicans who won't vote for Trump, explain the platform initiatives, explain how those will be paid for, describe how dangerous and unfit Trump is, and shared a commitment to working hard to protect and serve America.  It was probably one of the best speeches in my lifetime.

I feel inspired and proud to be a Democrat!


anne marie in philly said...

didn't my city put on a FABU show! without all the h8 and guns and rabid anti-everything not WASP.

I didn't watch either convention, but gleaned the news reports the next day.

and yes, bob DOES politics well, as does

Bob said...

"But it was each convention's overall message and tone that couldn't have been more opposite. "

That says it all right there.
One party was negativity and fear and one was about action and plans and promise and hope.

Fearsome Beard said...

I loved the DNC. It uplifted me and made me proud.