Monday, July 25, 2016

Boy George

On Sat I performed as Boy George in the Legends show again.  

I did Boy George once before last month, but none of my friends were there.  So Steven & Thad, Joe P and Spouse came to see my new Legend.  Joe P kindly agreed to film my set so I could share it with you guys.  The video is too large to imbed here, so I uploaded it to YouTube and created a link.  

You can watch my Boy George set HERE.

  1. Yes, this video is 8 minutes long
  2. This video was taken using an iPhone so there is ambient noise in the background (talking, laughing, etc from those standing near Joe P)
  3. Yes, I messed up some of the words so that's why it *MAY* sound like I'm mumbling in places
  4. If you can manage to tear yourself away from my hypnotic performance you may notice a shirtless man bumping and grinding with someone in the audience, starting about the 4:35 mark
  5. An enthusiastic female patron steps onto the stage with her glass of wine in hand to dance, starting at the 6:40 mark, before being asked to step down by the man in the black shirt and headset
The audience was very receptive and responsive, dancing and singing along during my performance.  As is our custom, once the finale is done we come out into the audience to greet folks and pose for photos if asked.  Everyone was feelin' the love for Boy George, as I must have posed for a dozen photos!  

It was really fun and I think I enjoyed it as much as the audience.


Mistress Maddie said...

Omg!!!!!! You look great! I can imagine it would be a crowd favorite. How long does the Legends show run??? I'd love to catch it there this summer. I am planning to return the third week in August. I'd like to see Magnolia Applebottom preform too. I think she did Celine Dion??? Off to watch the video.........

Mistress Maddie said...

I'm back!!!!!! That was phenomenal!!!! You came across loud and clear and the crowd seemed to really enjoy your act...I was even tappin my feet here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like "Boy George" had everyone singing,dancing and having fun.