Monday, July 11, 2016


I try to be grateful.

For instance, I had to work yesterday (Sundays are typically my day off) so I wasn't able to spend the afternoon at the beach, which is disappointing.

But, I'm grateful to have a job, especially one that I like.  Also, I'm grateful to live near the beach, which enables me to go there often.  I fully realize that many people wait all year long for a week's vacation at the beach.  I can go there anytime I'm not working and its not raining. 

So yesterday after work Spouse & I met up with Steven & Thad at the new Fresh Market, which has lots of prepared foods, then went to the beach.  The weather was very nice and there was hardly anyone there, save for the 2 families in semi-matching outfits having their portraits taken.  We set up our chairs facing the water and talked as we ate our dinner.  

Spouse & I shared some Thai noodle salad and a Mediterranean orzo salad, both of which were delicious, and even had white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for dessert.  Steven & Thad shared salads and sandwiches.

We stayed until sundown and I'm grateful for the time spent.

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