Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Watching, learning...

Its been just a week and 1/2 and I am completely amazed at how quickly Walter is developing.  He has bonded with me and Spouse, he knows his name and often comes when called, he knows where he gets fed and where he sleeps, he knows where the door is after being outside, and he's doing great with the house-training.  Having never had a puppy before, I would say he is at or above expected behaviors for his age.
Walter's last day before the collar and leash

I also think he's developing quickly because he watches and learns from Marvin.  We've seen Walter imitate some of Marvin's behaviors, so its good that Marvin is so well house-trained and accepting of guests in the house.

Until today we could keep an eye on Walter relatively easily because he was too small to go up the stairs.  But today he surprised me.  I realized I'd left something upstairs and ran up to the bedroom to retrieve it.  When I returned to the top of the stairs, there was Walter on the next to top stair!  No doubt he'd seen his big brother bound up the stairs effortlessly and decided he would give it a try.

We also introduced Walter to a collar today.  Its actually a cat collar which is more appropriately sized for his little neck.  He seemed aware of it and tried to remove it for only about 5 minutes.  Then it was no longer a concern to him.

Once used to the collar, I attached a leash to it and took both boys for a walk.  Walter tried to bite the leash for a minute or 2, but then walked on as if it were suddenly routine.  Again, I think having observed big brother on a leash helped him understand it was nothing to be scared or frightened of.

Not every minute of being a puppy's dad is lovely.  Walter loves to bite and chew things so he must be supervised and told "no no" more often than I'd like.  But we understand that he is a puppy and this will pass.  We will then have 2 great dogs to love and enrich our lives.


anne marie in philly said...

awwwwwwwwww, puppy love!

I like the size contrast, marvin against walter. proves what a little guy walter really is!

Bob said...

I giggle at their names; Walter and Marvin. I can see them in a buddy movie ....