Friday, October 24, 2014

Vet visit

Yesterday was Walter's 2nd of 3 vet visits.  The 1st visit was for his new puppy check up and 1st round of shots.  Yesterday he got his 2nd shot, and in a month he'll get his 3rd of 3 shots.

Walter did so well!  He didn't seem to even notice that he got a shot.  The vet looked at me and said "I've had 60 lb German Shepherds wince from a shot like this.  This little guy is brave!"

The vet and the techs love Walter because he doesn't mind being handled.  Many dogs and cats don't like being held or touched by strangers but Walter has never met a stranger.  He even gave the vet some puppy kisses!

Once finished at the vet Walter and I stepped around the corner to my friend's office so he and his colleagues could see Walter.  It turned into a huge love fest with ooos and ahs galore and more puppy kisses.  Then on the way home we stopped at my office so my colleagues could see how much Walter has grown since they saw him a month ago.  At that time he weighed 2.4 lbs, and yesterday he weighed 3.8 lbs.  All that activity left his exhausted so he was happy to take a nap when we got home.

Lots of friends (and even strangers who encounter us on our walks) ask how Marvin & Walter get along.  I wrote earlier that it is a slow but steady progression for Marvin to accept Walter as part of the family.  Initially Marvin would growl if Walter got too close to him, but this happens less and less now.  Marvin now allows Walter to be close to him, as can be seen in this photo of both boys napping on my lap and legs:
Walter is relentless in trying to get big brother to play with him, and on a couple occasions Marvin has acquiesced and chased Walter around the house or played tug-of-war with a toy.  There's more room for progress there, but we are confident it will happen in time.


anne marie in philly said...

(sings) and they call it puppy love

how sweet!

Jon DeepBlue said...

Aaw! Did you see that cute face. Impossible not to fall in love!
What's his breed?

Anonymous said...

Walter really is a cute little guy.


Biki Honko said...

Walter is adorable! Oh my!

Ur-spo said...

is there anything more wonderful than a happy pup?

Facing Traffic said...

OMG. So adorable.

Rick said...

Good boy Walter! My Dad would take his Dalmatian to the vet and the dog would start shaking in the parking lot.
It will take some time but they'll be inseparable before long.