Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tax day

Here we are:  April 15, tax day.

Like millions of others I suppose, we usually aren't ready to file by April 15 so I end up emailing our accountant and requesting that he file extensions for us, buying us a few more months to get our stuff together.

Our taxes have always been complicated.  We own 2 rental properties together, we own a 3rd rental property with another couple, and I am self-employed.  There are all kinds of depreciations and exemptions that we couldn't possibly keep up with, so we give all our financial stuff to our accountant and breath a sign of relief that it isn't US who has to make sense of it.

However, this year is different.  I actually got motivated in late Feb to collect and summarize our stuff for 2013 and sent it off to the accountant early.  We got our returns back from him in mid-March, signed them, attached the W2s and payments, and mailed them in right away.  It felt good to get that done and out of the way, early for a change.

Yes, we have to pay.  Since I am self-employed and only pay estimated quarterly taxes, and since our marriage in 2013 is recognized not only by the State but also by the federal government, Spouse no longer gets refunds either.  But as I told Spouse when I was writing out the checks, we should be happy that we are employed and able to pay taxes.  There is still a lot of unemployment and underemployment these days.  We feel fortunate to not be among those groups.

Have you filed yet?  Are you getting a refund?  If so, what will you do with it?


anne marie in philly said...

filed and had to pay da feds. had a preparer do our taxes, as always.

Ron said...


For years I always owed taxes, even though I've been the sole wage earner in our household for over twenty five years. This year, the first year we're filing jointly WE get back $985. A nice difference from paying $1,200 last year. All those years I overpaid. Oh well, I'm glad this ship has righted itself now.