Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Backsplash: Coming Soon!

For years Spouse & I have thought about having a tile backsplash installed in our kitchen, both for functional and aesthetic reasons.

Anytime we were in Lowes, Home Depot, or the expensive tile store we would look and pick out samples we liked, but couldn't come to an agreement on one.  We even bought a 12x12 sheet of several different tiles to view in the kitchen, but they were either too dark, too bland, too busy, or too modern.  Our cabinetry is a medium cherry color and door design is rather traditional, so that's why some of the tile we liked was too dark and others too modern.  Our granite counters have a lot of 'movement' in them, so that is why some of the tile was too busy.
Close up of our granite counters
But on our latest visit to Home Depot we finally found a winner!  Unfortunately they only had about a dozen sheets of it and we need 3 dozen sheets.  The tile associate told us more was on order and should be arriving soon, so he went ahead and designated the amount we needed.  They called today to say our tile is in.

My colleague Erin's husband is part owner of a tile installation company so he will be putting it up for us this weekend.  I can't believe that after living in this house for over 7 years, we will finally have the backsplash we've wanted!  Look for photos on Mon.

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