Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dog person

I did not grow up in a household with pets, unless you count the parakeet we had for a few years.  My parents felt that having a dog would be too much trouble, since we would have to arrange for someone to care for it during our frequent weekends spent at my grandparents' house.  The idea of getting a cat that can stay home alone for the weekend was never discussed.  I don't even remember wanting a dog or cat when I was a kid.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was bitten by 2 German Shepherds as a kid.  I was not attacked, just bitten.  And it was on 2 different occasions.  I always had a healthy fear of dogs after those incidents.

My 1st partner had a cat when I met him, and although not particularly affectionate, his cat was nice and low-key.  After we'd been living together for some time we decided to get a kitten together.  I found cats to be easy to care for, but not terribly interactive once they grow out of the kitten stage.

As an adult I learned that I was allergic to dogs, or at least most of them.  Touching dogs or furniture that dogs had been in contact with would cause my eyes to itch.  It felt as though I had an eyelash in my eye, so I would continue to try to get it out, further irritating my eyes.

After less than a year living with Spouse, we decided to get a dog.  I was very clear with him that I wanted no part in caring for the dog, and that I would not keep him from adopting one as long as the dog was trained to stay off the furniture.  Then came Jordan.  Spouse absolutely loved her and she him.  I grew to be fond of her and wound up sharing in her feeding, walking, and care.  But I never really connected with her.  I was definitely allergic to her, but we managed pretty well to keep her off the furniture so I had very few reactions.

Jordan lived with us for 14 years, and after she passed we went for about 8 months with no dog in the house.  I think Spouse needed some time to grieve and frankly I enjoyed the freedom.  Then Spouse began trolling the local SPCA website and made me go with him to see a little white Chihuahua named Marvin. 

Something in me changed.  I allowed Marvin to break the 'not on the furniture' rule.  
I believe I loved him from the instant Spouse brought him home.  He made me a "dog person".  I have pictures of him on my phone which I'm quick to share with anyone mildly interested.  I've even become much more friendly with other people's dogs, something I never did in the past.

I'm absolutely amazed at how having Marvin these past 2 years has changed me, and I think I'm the better for it.


anne marie in philly said...

marvin parker is such a sweet looking puppy! perhaps the reason you love him is that he doesn't shed? ergo no more allergies?

smooches to all at your house!

joe c said...

Oh, I know what that's like: I'm allergic too, so I've really been avoiding dogs, until the BF of my housemate got a Zuchon. They're supposed to be hypoallergenic (they have hair, not fur, and don't shed) but of course I had my doubts. But it was true, and I absolutely fell in love with the little thing and babysit her ever chance I get. They don't call them "surrogate children" for nothing.

Soul Yaoi said...

That is very sweet!!