Monday, March 04, 2013

Vacation redux - part 6

Fri morning after breakfast we headed into PV to spend the day.  We started out by getting massages.  Since all 4 of us got massages at the same time we got a discounted group rate.  My massage was really great!  Then we headed over to Blue Chairs to spend the afternoon at the beach.  The Newlyweds both decided to try parasailing.  (I'd done it before years ago so I passed this time.)
One of The Newlyweds suited up

One of The Newlyweds in flight
While relaxing on the beach I heard a familiar voice and then was amazed to see Joe & Daryl, the owners of Dos Locos restaurant in Rehoboth Beach where Spouse & I have eaten many times, walk right by us!  Once they'd gotten settled I walked over and said hello and chatted with them and their 2 friends from Canada.  We had a great day at the beach.
Nachos appetizer

After returning home for showers and a change of clothes, we headed back into PV for dinner and a 'night on the town'.  We started with dinner at Cafe Tizoc, an Italian restaurant with a large dining patio.  A young man played the melodies of several dozen well-known jazz classics on his trombone while a karaoke track played all the supporting parts.  He was fantastic!  At 1 point he played a slow, romantic song and the Newlyweds got up and slow-danced.  When the song and their dancing ended, everyone dining on the patio clapped.  I made sure I tipped the trombone player before we left for such a fabulous job.

After dinner we walked up the block to The Palm Cabaret & Bar to see Leslie Jordan!  Since we arrived early we started with cocktails, then enjoyed the HILARIOUS Leslie Jordan talk about being on Will & Grace, the Sordid Lives tv show, Sordid Lives the film, RuPaul's Drag Race and other topics.  We nearly burst our seams from laughter!  That little man is just TOOO funny!

Afterward we continued our 'night out on the town' by going on a bar crawl.  We visited several of Puerto Vallarta's popular gay bars such as Los Amigos, CC Slaughters, Enter, La Noche, and Wet Dreams.  This was unusual for us since we are not 25 years old anymore and since Spouse really isn't a fan of hanging out at bars, we had a great time!  We didn't get home until almost 3am.


anne marie in philly said...

ya know, I could picture YOU on that poster for your singing act! in THAT EXACT pose!

so the cajun's bosses were in PV at the same time; small world!

Anonymous said...

His book is a must read. I'm sure many of the strikes he told in his act will be repeated but they're worth reading again.