Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beardy boy


anne marie in philly said...

WHERE was THIS gorgeous creature at the blogger meetup?

SO HAPPY to see you and spouse again; you look MARVELOUS as always! thank you for joining us for dinner at our table on saturday.

sorry we did not connect on sunday, but the weather forecasts were not looking promising for a monday commute back home. guess what? they were WRONG! we had 1" on the grass; that's it; AND it's already melted. bastards!

please do keep in touch; love to you both!

robertga99 said...


Anonymous said...

Mark, it was SOOOOO great to meet you and Jeff (gulp, I hope I got his name right) this weekend. It was a fantastic event for me, someone who's only been really accepting of himself as a gay man for past 3 years or so. Thanks for showing up and being a part of the fun! Hope to see you again soon!
Peace <3

Rick said...

He looks lonely.

cb said...

Exactly the kind of guy I lust for -- and who never returns said lust.