Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let them eat (cup)cakes

Spouse and I have been talking a lot and have made some progress on the civil union.

Although I've been planning this event in my head for the last 20 years, I'm only 1/2 of this couple so I am aware that I need to compromise since Spouse and I have such different feelings about this.

I was sort of looking forward to a simple but elegant cake with 2 grooms on top.  But Spouse had the idea that it might be fun to have decorated cupcakes from a gourmet cupcake bakery instead of a traditional cake.  I offered to check out his idea, figuring cupcakes would be way more expensive and he'd say it wasn't worth it.  But to my surprise the cost wasn't bad at all and the nice lady on the phone convinced me to schedule a tasting!

Spouse & I went to the bakery after work tonight for our private tasting.  We got to taste 5 different cupcake flavors and 4 different frosting flavors.  I have to admit how impressed I was the tastes.

We've all been to a wedding or 25th anniversary party or going away party with a big decorated cake that LOOKED nice but TASTED yucky.  Dry, crumbly cake and sickeningly sweet shortening-based frosting.  Not what we had in mind.

Turns out this gourmet cupcake bakery makes their frostings from butter and sugar, not shortening and sugar.  And the cream cheese frosting was smooth and delicious.  So we are seriously considering an assortment of beautifully decorated cupcakes (arranged on a stand) instead of a cake.  

Who knew?!?!


Anonymous said...

Your post gave me an idea that instead of a traditional civil union, you could make your own statement or definition of marriage by civil unionizing/licensing of your anniversary. You could start a trend.

anne marie in philly said...

HELLZ YEAH! besides, cuppycakes (my late grandmother's term for cupcakes) are perfectly proportioned and your guests can try several different flavors!

and YAYZ for using butter and sugar; that's all I ever use in my scratch cooking and I receive no complaints!

the confetti is ready...