Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend highlights

As usual I worked on Sat. The offer I wrote on Fri for the small old house was countered by the seller on Sat and then ratified later on that day. That's deal #7 for me. That afternoon I met with a new couple and showed them a number of homes.

That evening Spouse & I met up with Steven & Thad and 1 of the Bobs for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Then I went to the Blue Moon to perform as Neil Diamond in the encore presentation of the Legends show. There was a good crowd at the show, likely because it was a holiday weekend and there were several activities going on in town. After the show I hung out for a while with a couple friends from the show, but was home by midnight since I had to work the next day.

Sun I met with a client at 9:30 and took him to see a few homes he'd selected online that were very low priced. He's never bought a home before and is not sure if he can afford to buy or how much he can spend, so I gave him business cards for 2 local mortgage specialists and explained that they can pre-qualify him for a mortgage over the phone, letting him know how much he can afford to buy and what the payments would be. As we drove from home to home I asked him questions about his work and where he was from, and also helped explain some general real estate processes to him (home inspection, closing costs, transfer taxes). None of the homes we saw today suited him so I suggested that, depending on the results of his pre-qualification, he may find something he likes better in a slightly higher price range. He agreed and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Then after lunch, the guys I'd shown property to on Tues, saw at karaoke on Thurs, and showed homes to on Fri came in to write an offer on one of the homes. That's #8. It was a good week for me real estate-wise!

Sun evening Spouse & I used our VIP invitation to attend the 30th anniversary celebration of the Blue Moon. There were roving spotlights and red carpets announcing the establishment's special night. Inside it was very crowded and everyone was happy and enjoying themselves. There were passed hors d'ouvres and both of the bars were slammed. Then the emcee for the night, Miss Richfield 1981, did a short but hilarious stand-up act and then introduced the special guest entertainer: Thelma Houston! Thelma performed a Motown medley followed by her 70s disco hit "Don't Leave Me This Way". I was really impressed by how great her voice sounded after more than 35 years. Everyone danced and sang along. It was really great! Another fun surprise of the celebration was a photo booth. Spouse declined to have his photo taken so I hopped in the booth with 2 of my favorite drag queens Mona Lotts and with Phoenix Rising. It was a really, really nice celebration.


Stephen said...

You have become quite the little mogul!

cb said...

7 sales? Congrats! Hopefully you are making some good money!