Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day.

NCOD was founded by a psychologist and an openly-gay politician to raise awareness of the GLBT community and equally. Gays and lesbians are encouraged to 'come out' on NCOD to someone who may not know they're gay.

Although I fully support the idea of NCOD, personally I've had very little need for it. Ever since I 'came out' the first time, I've always lived openly. My daily conversation contains references to my partner and our lives together. So rather than needing to 'come out' to anyone on any day, I'm always 'out'.

But 'coming out' isn't easy for most people. My 'coming out' to my family was extremely emotional. I delayed it for several years because I knew it would truly be a life-altering action. I've shared my 'coming out' story here before, but if you haven't read it and you'd like to, you can do so here:

Part 1
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If you feel so inclined, please 'come out' to someone today.

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