Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yet another banana!

As I was coming from the car to the front door the other day I saw something on the door step that gave me a chuckle.

Another banana!
Only this time it wasn't porcelain or frosted; it was real. And cold. The person(s) behind the banana mystery had left a cold, real banana on my doorstep.

This made me chuckle for a couple reason. One, its funny to me that someone would go to all the trouble to perpetuate the banana mystery. Two, the fact that this real banana was personally dropped off at our house and was still cold gave me a very strong clue toward the identity of the person(s) responsible.

The porcelain banana was left in my laundry room but I'm not sure when, and there were lots of people in our house then. Spouse's family stayed with us, Anne Marie from Philly had stayed with us, and we'd had friends over for dinner so it could have been anyone.

The frosted banana was shipped to my office from NJ. Literally anyone could have sent the banana to a friend who lives or works in NJ with instructions to send it to me.

But this latest banana was hand-delivered and was still cold when I got home from work, which tells me it was kept in a fridge and delivered very shortly before I got home. This had to be done by someone local.

I have yet to confront/expose the anonymous banana sender, but rest assured that I'll write about it when I do.


Anonymous said...

I must say I'm quite mystified by what I term the Banana Caper.

I can assure you I had nothing to do with it. But reading about it you're right that it's all local.

Can't wait to find out who is the masked man/woman behind the Banana Caper.

wcs said...

Hmmmm. Now that there are three there is no guarantee that they're from the same person. Other people may be jumping on the banana bandwagon. I assure you that I am not among them (yet). *insert evil laugh here*

Rick said...

Oh yeah there's a copycat in every bunch. I love a good mystery!

Bob said...

I am keeping my eyes peeled [Get it? Peeled?] on BananaGate!

anne marie in philly said...

still not me (swearing to bob)!