Thursday, September 15, 2011

My clients in the news

Last week a writer from CNNMoney called our office. He said he was writing an article about couples who were taking advantage of historically low interest rates and buying their retirement homes now, rather than waiting a few years when they actually stop working. He wanted to know if we had any clients in this situation.

My colleague confirmed with me that 1 of my clients was doing that exact thing, buying their retirement home now, and asked me if I thought the clients would be willing to be interviewed. I thought they probably would so I called and asked them. They said yes so I provided their phone number to my colleague who then passed it onto the writer.

The result is
this short article. I was a little disappointed the writer didn't mention me or at least my agency's name, but I suppose he was trying not to show any favoritism. Still it was exciting for me to see MY CLIENTS and the home I found for them featured in the article.

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Mind Of Mine said...

It must be really cool to know you have found a place for people, where they will live, all those memories.