Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Another banana

You may recall my discovery of a porcelain banana in the laundry room. No one claimed responsibility nor has anyone cracked under the pressure of my interrogations, so who placed it there remains a mystery.

The other day a small box addressed to me arrived at my office, delivered by the UPS man. There was no return address. I wasn't expecting any mail order deliveries so I wondered if it was a gift from a client.

I opened the box and pullled back the decorative tissue paper to reveal another banana!

This time the banana was 'frosted'. I'm sure you're familiar with Christmas decorations and ornaments that have the appearance of having been rolled in fine sugar crystals. This treatment is known as frosting. Spouse & I have frosted apples, plums, pomegranites, grapes, and pears we put in a glass bowl at Christmastime. Well, now we have a frosted banana!

Of course there was no return address on the box; just the zip code from which it was sent. I'm guessing the sender first sent the banana to a friend with instructions for the friend to then send it to me so that the zip code wouldn't give away the identity of the sender.

How 'special' do I feel to now have 2 bananas from an anonymous donor???

Given the texture of this latest banana, I'm changing this post theme from "the mystery of the porcelain banana" to "the banana mystery".

Obviously I'll keep you posted about future bananas.

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anne marie in philly said...

if it wasn't send from zip code 19401, it ain't me!