Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend low lights

I worked on Sat and then met up with Steven & Thad, Jack & Alisha, Robin, and Joe P for dinner.

Sun morning we drove to Cherry Hill to get BoltBus. Since we hadn't driven there in over a year we decided to use our GPS. It took us different route but I remembered seeing the new route on the map so I wasn't worried. However, a few miles from our destination the GPS suddenly went crazy! It told us to make right turns where there was no street and to make a sharp left turn when we were on a divided road. It kept "recalculating" over and over and I was getting frantic. We finally got to bus stop... 30 minutes late. Obviously we missed our bus so I called to check on when the next bus would arrive. My heart sunk when I was told that all the later buses were sold out. The reality hit me that we weren't going to NYC. We were going to miss visiting with our dear friend Lisa, the jazz concert, and seeing Tornwordo and Serge. EPIC. FAIL.

We were so angry/upset/disappointed that Spouse & I drove the entire way home without speaking. I tried to salvage the day and get him to do something else fun like go to dinner and/or a movie but wouldn't budge. So we stayed at home that night feeling sorry for ourselves.

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Ron said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. We've had a similar problem with our GPS, Navigon on our iPhones. For some reason it wants to take us the LONG WAY home over the Delaware Memorial Bridge instead of down Rt. 896 to Rt. 1. What is that all about? I'm sorry you missed seeing your friends. I know how frustrating that can be when you were both so looking forward to it. Bill and I have experienced the same thing just last week when Navigon took us the long way to the East Coast Garden Center from Milton. We should of just backtracked to our starting point. It would have been much shorter and less frustrating.