Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On a Tues

Spring is definitely here, as is evidenced by the explosion of blooms and blossoms everywhere and the pollen coating on everything. But Spring also means mild weather and the promise that Summer is just around the corner.

After work this evening Spouse & I decided to go for a walk on the boardwalk. It was a gorgeous late afternoon/early evening so we decided to take advantage of it by getting some outdoor exercise (as opposed to indoor exercise at the gym) and talk and look at the ocean as we walked.
As it often does when we go for walks, this recurring thought came to my mind:

Some people wait the entire year to spend a week's vacation at the beach. But here we are, walking by the ocean, after work on a Tues evening.

Its good to be mindful and grateful for all we have, especially when we get to feeling we don't have all that we want.


Don Voth said...

Mark, Very nice post! I agree and support your philosophy.

Mind Of Mine said...

You are blessed and humble about it. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Mark, that's because not everyone lives near waters edge.

We have Waterplace Park less than 15 minutes walk from the house. And in the city itself we have numerous river features.

Not beaches per se, but a short drive to Narragansett or Newport and beaches galore.

However, I love camping more than I love ocean. Ocean is old hat to me just like the stars in the sky are old to Keyron but when I go to NC with him, I love looking up and seeing that band of stars.

Victor said...

That's how I feel about Sydney too with our harbour and wonderful coastline.

cb said...

It would be nice to have the ocean and the salt air that close.

Ron said...

To me, living in southern Delaware every day is a vacation day. I love it! By the way, walking outside (on the boardwalk) is the BEST exercise and it's free!