Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Religious humor

Hat tip to my friend Jared for these irreverent but funny religious pieces!


anne marie in philly said...

the third one - ain't THAT the truth!?!

Deborah said...

No, it aint the truth. The concept of slavery in the bible is nothing like the American slave trade. In biblical times people were able to sell themselves into slavery to work off debt. there were also laws of needing to treat your slave better than yourself- such as if there is only one soft bed the slave should get it. So no, the bible was not "ok" with treating human beings the way the Americans treated the African slaves. it is the bible that gives us the objective morality of "Do not kill", "Do not steal", etc. On the issue of homosexuality there is no mention of anything in the original Hebrew bible on "homosexulaity"...only the commandment to all men...in Leviticus that says the act of sodomy ("thou shall not lay with a man as one does with a woman") is forbidden. You can disagree with/debate concepts in the bible but please do it intelligently and don't make things up.