Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make love to the camera

RuPaul may be the "Supermodel of the World", but today I went for a photo shoot for the "Legends" show where I "made love to the camera"!

When I arrived at the dressing room to change into my Neil Diamond costume and wig I was reminded that I had forgotten to shave off my goatee! Fortunately a quick scramble through the drawers of the dressing room produced a razor and a small can of shaving cream, and I was off to the bathroom to quickly shave off my facial hair. It was a little bittersweet.

After returning to the dressing room freshly shaven, I put on my Neil Diamond costume and was fitted with my 70s shag wig. Before I knew it I was being wisked off to the studio.

The photographer gave me some general instructions and tried to make me comfortable. I admitted that I had never been photographed like this before. Plus, the point was not for me to be comfortable being me, it was to look as much like Neil Diamond as possible.

I did a lot of posing with slight adjustments to the tilt of my head, smiling a little, not smiling, hands in pockets, arms crossed in front of me, tugging my white satin scarf - it was crazy. I truly did think of the phrase "make love to the camera", which made me laugh. The photographer wanted to know why I was laughing all the sudden so I explained the source of laughter. By then we were both laughing!

The photos will be Photoshopped together to look as though all 6 of us were together and a single photo was taken, which will be used on the promotional posters and advertisements. How fun is that?!?!

Oh, and did I mention I'm getting PAID to be in this show?

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Ron said...

I love it! I can't wait until I see the pictures. I wish I was there to record the event on my video camera. It sounds like a jolly good time was had by all. That's what it's all about, enjoy yourself and have a few laughs. Too much serious stuff going on the the world.