Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You betta work!

Work has been a roller coaster lately.

I recently wrote about my conversation with my boss' new boss and the additional clients he wanted me to take on. Then, just 2 days later, my boss calls me and explains how he wants me to implement streamlining initiative I designed a year ago so I can take on some of the non-sales tasks from my colleagues.

As diplomatically as possible I explained to him that I was unclear about the opposing directions I'd been given. He basically told me to forget what my boss's new boss had said and to go with what he was saying now. I guess they hadn't considered that giving me opposing directions might make them both look a little dumb.

So I dusted off my procedures, made some updates, went over them with my colleagues, and implemented them the next day. I'm still getting the hang of this but I believe it will get easier as I do more of it.

I'm having more difficulty blogging now, since I don't have the freedom to be able to jot down ideas for posts when they come to me. I'm also dreadfully behind in my blog reading, and I miss it. Its made me wonder if I am following too many blogs. I have to be realistic.

Crush du Jour: Alex O'Loughlin


John Going Gently said...

wasn't Alex o'loughlin in the awful WHITEOUT?
saw it last night

Larry Ohio said...

Sorry you are having trouble balancing work and blogging. I wish I could tell you that work is more important, but I can't. Blogging trumps all!

RAD said...

oh my..I hear ya on so many levels-I am having a hard time bloggin so my post are short sweet and far in between these days...I am also tryiing to keep up on my faves to read...You do a great job balencing it all! xx

Paul Benjamin said...

Hopefully, you will never get too busy where you stop blogging! I need you and your blog!!! :)

Alex O'Laughlin wants you to stick around too!

Bob said...

Work shmork!
Blogging rules!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the Crush du Jour but poor Alex is in for a possible career ending blow as Jlo's love interest in The Backup Plan where she falls in love (with him I think) the same day she gets pregnant with twins by IVF.

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmm, hairy if only he would unbutton his shirt a little more...