Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

With our monumental snow storms earlier this month, and more snow predictions for yesterday and today, several friends have sent me this photo with the caption "Snow prediction: 2 feet of snow!!!"

I thought it was clever and cute. We got about an inch of snow yesterday, followed by rain. Its currently snowing but only about an inch has accumulated. Its very windy so flurries are blowing about like crazy.

My friend Patrick sent me this funny video which suggests a very different ending to "Hamlet" if Ophelia had a sassy gay friend. Think of how differently "Romeo and Juliet" might have ended if Juliet had a sassy gay friend!

Spouse's chronic laryngitis (he's had it for 4 weeks now) seems to FINALLY be getting better. For the last week he's been gargling 2-3 times per day with warm salt water. Go figure.

Check out the prices on this 1957 Woolworth's lunch counter menu:I wonder if any lunch counters still exist anywhere? Hopefully "pressed ham sandwiches" don't.

Those wacky folks at The Onion have done it again with their latest hilarious video about banning loveless/sexless marriages! I dare you to watch it and not laugh out loud.

This week I was going to take my BMW to our friend's used car lot to see what he could do for us in trade for this:
when I discovered the BWM had a flat tire. Roadside assistance sent a guy out to put the spare on for me, and I had the flat tire checked out. They removed a small nail and patched the tire since it still had lots of tread on it. Got the car back but yesterday it snowed and rained, and today its snowing. So perhaps Sat I can get a trade-in estimate and a price for the red and black leather interiored beauty. Maybe, just maybe, Monday's weekend highlights post will end this mystery!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!!

Crush du Jour: Michael Fassbender


robertga99 said...

Those are some BIG feet!
You know what they say about that?
Me either

Good luck on your trade in. That black and red interiored beauty sure looks sweet!

Have a great weekend!

behrmark said...

Isn't a pressed ham sandwich a grilled ham sandwich? That sounds pretty good right about now. Fingers crossed re: the trade-in. Behr Hugs!

Michael said...

That looks like a Mercedes. Am I right?

A Lewis said...

I love that lunch counter menu! Haven't seen a lunch counter in years. And those two feet -- hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they laryngitis will clear up. I've noted that when I'm shouting a lot (A hazard when you're an activist!) I tend to loose my voice.

Just talking I'm fine. But stress em' and they bitch.

That lunch counter menu is interesting. It's now 53 years later and the prices have jumped by a factor of ten. E.g. a burger for 60 cents is now $6.00 or more.

Tell me we haven't seen rampant inflation over the last five decades.


This was a great post! The 2feet picture made me laugh (thanks 4 that)..the menue made yearn for a time when prices were like that and that damn Benz filled me with pure lust!!! I hope you get it!

Have A Great Weekend!

tornwordo said...

That menu, can I go back in time with the current bank account? I think I could retire then, lol.

cb said...

LOVE the red in the interior! Sweet!

Hope you don't get too much snow!