Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend highlights

Our weekend started with Fri Night Dinner with 'the usual suspects'. We had 3 new guys show up so that was a nice surprise. Afterward Spouse & I watched the Olympics.

Sat morning I enjoyed my coffee and a little quiet time reading blogs while Spouse was at his personal trainer appointment. After he returned I talked him into FINALLY helping me move the dresser and mirror from our bedroom into the new closet/dressing room. I've only been trying to get his help with this for 4 months. He kept resisting and claiming the dresser and large attached mirror wouldn't fit. I asked him how he was certain of this and if he'd measured them. Of course he said no. So I said that I had measured them and knew they'd fit. I'd specifically measured the pieces (and the wall where they were to be placed) while construction was still going on, to be certain they'd fit. I'd even gone so far as to have the electrician install an electrical outlet next to where the dresser would go so we could charge our cellphones there at night. Unable to resist such concrete facts, he proclaimed that they 'might fit' but would 'look ugly' being 'crowded into the closet'. I suggested that if we moved them into the closet/dressing room and we didn't like them there, we would know he was right and would move them back. He agreed so I unscrewed the 4 screws holding the mirror to the dresser, we moved them into place, and reattached the mirror to the dresser. He said "You're right, it fits perfectly and its not too crowded in here". I love it when that happens!

That afternoon we had lunch out, picked up some things at the store, went for a little ride, and then returned home so he could take a nap while I tried to catch up on my blog reading. Sat night we met Steven (Thad was out of town), The Bobs, and Chris & Jason for dinner at Mixx. We'd not been there before, but enjoyed it. The dining room is small so reservations are strongly encouraged, even in the off-season. I started with a "martini flight", which is 3 different 3-oz martinis. Of course this solicited all kinds of hideous comments from my friends about being an alcoholic. For dinner I had lobster and shrimp curry over basmati rice, which was quite delicious.

Sun Spouse & I had an interesting day. After running a few small errands we stopped at our friend's used car lot. Spouse had browsed the inventory online and had seen something that ticked his fancy. We wondered if we'd be comfortable in this vehicle, but found it to be roomier than we'd imagined. The vehicle passed with flying colors in the test drive, so we're really considering a trade-in. Here's what we find to be most intriguing about the vehicle:Isn't that interior gorgeous?!?! We haven't made a decision yet so I'm not going to divulge anymore for now, but I'll circle back and close this loop in a few days.

We ended our exciting day with a late lunch and a trip to the grocery store. We watched more of the Olympics and I tried to catch up on my blog reading. (I'm sooooo behind.)

I don't know how I manage such exciting, adventurous weekend!

Crush du Jour: Vladimir Ivanov


A Lewis said...

Car lots and me are a bad combination. Just like a kid in a candy shop. And the problem is that I'd want another one tomorrow, and a different one the following day. It just never ends.

Paul Benjamin said...

That interior it beautious. If you can afford to make a new purchase like this, then I say go for it!