Monday, February 08, 2010

Weekend lowlights

Mondays are the days when I normally regale you with the highlights of my fascinating and exciting weekends. (Insert heavy sarcasm here.) But I'll be honest with you and tell you that absolutely nothing exciting happened this past weekend.

The snow started falling about 4pm on Fri and didn't stop until about 8pm on Sat. During that time we had lots of wind and snow. Our area was under a blizzard warning and we truly had blizzard conditions. At times it was snowing sideways due to the wind. At times it was a total white-out. Tree branches snapped from the weight of the heavy snow and the wind, fortunately none on our property.

According to the local news, our area got 20.4 inches of snow, which may not sound like a lot to those of you accustomed to such (Tornwordo, Kevin, Jeff) but for us it was shocking. We rarely
get more than a couple inches here because of being so close to the ocean.

This was the view from our front door Sun morning, before the plow had come. Notice how short the lamp post looks due to the snow. Just a few feet beyond it is the street, but you'd never know it.
From the same spot on our front porch, but looking to the right you can see Spouse's car in the 'new' driveway. Just a few feet behind it is the street, which is completely undetectable in this photo as well.

This was the view from our front door today, after the plow had come last night.
Also from our front door, but looking to the left.
This is the view from the back of our house, from the screened porch. Notice how the snow drifted about 1/2 way up the fence. Since the fence is 6 feet high, the drift is about 3 feet high.
More drifts. One goes all the way up to our neighbor's window.
My car in the 'old' driveway. Notice the drifting toward the rear.
We're such fancy guys that we have an ice sculpture at our house.

Spouse & I were both still sick with colds (probably bronchitis) so we did little more than sleep, eat, watch TV, play on the computer, blow our noses, and cough the entire weekend. Now that's exciting!

Spouse's office is closed today so he has the day off. Since our street got plowed last night I encouraged him to go to the doctor since he's been sick over a week now, be he declined, saying he was starting to feel better. When you work at home like I do there are no 'snow days', so I reported to work as usual. However I informed my boss of my illness (since Wed) and advised that I would be taking a few 'rest breaks' throughout the day. I could just call in sick, ya know.

I cancelled my work out for tonight.

Crush du Jour: Jake Campione


behrmark said...

Jake Campione is so hot he'd easily melt the snow on your driveway. And you could bounce a quarter off those abs...I'm feeling swoonish.

RAD said...

talk about a SNOW JOB...hope you are enjoyin it a bit

tornwordo said...

I'm relishing all this. Because it's not outside my window.

robertga99 said...

Quit hogging all the snow. Send some my way