Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend highlights

Mike & Clark and Ron & James arrived Fri evening and the 6 of us went out to dinner and then picked up some supplies at the grocery and liquor stores. We talked and laughed and got caught up on each others' lives until 11:30 when we reluctantly put our tired selves to bed.

Sat morning I baked a sausage/egg/cheese casserole for breakfast while Spouse was at his personal trainer appointment. We had the casserole along with zucchini bread Clark had made and orange/cranberry scones that James had made and talked until early afternoon. It was rainy and yucky outside but a few of the guys decided to do some shopping. I stayed home to upload my photos and write about the week's addition progress. That afternoon we had cocktails and snacks, then went to dinner at Eden in Rehoboth Beach, which everyone really liked. I had an amazing entree of seared scallops with linguini and butternut squash cream sauce. Since it was Autumn Jazz Festival there was a jazz combo playing. When we got home we watched "Drop Dead Gorgeous" which everyone really enjoyed, and "Boy's Life 5" shorts, which were somewhat enjoyable.

Sun morning we had coffee, zucchini bread and scones to tide us over until brunch. We had an 11am reservation for Rigby's Sun Jazz Brunch, featuring local songstress Holly Lane. I had shrimp and grits, and all 6 of us had the curried acorn squash soup which was amazing! Everyone really enjoyed the food and entertainment. Ron & James left for home directly from brunch, and Mike & Clark left shortly after we returned home. I spent the afternoon reading the film synopsis and marking the films I want to see at next month's Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival while Spouse napped and computed. Later we had delicious turkey and vegetable soup at Steven & Thad's and visited with them for a while. It was the perfect way to wind up a lovely weekend with friends!

Crush du Jour: Butch Grand


behrmark said...

Butch IS Grand! GRRRWOOF!

Will said...

I'd love to rub my cheek against the lush fur between those gorgeous pecs!

Steve said...

Finally A crush worth looking at !

Unknown said...

J'adore le crush!

Stephen said...

I want to ride on the BUTCH ride...please!