Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend highlights

Wow, what a weekend! It seemed to go by so fast.

The Newlyweds arrived and joined us for Fri Night Dinner with 'the usual suspects'. Sat morning we lingered over coffee while Spouse had his personal trainer appointment, then the 4 of us had lunch before heading to Bridgeville for the Apple-Scrapple festival. It draws out all the rednecks, but its kind of quaint in a 'small town' kind of way. There food booths where you could purchase various apple and scrapple products, arts and crafts for sale, and a car show.

Once we returned to modern civilization, the 4 of us went for a ride in Big Ella. It was the Newlyweds' 1st time seeing her. Then we had dinner at our fave Italian placed called M. Galluccio. We forced ourselves to go to bed at 11:30 since we had to get up early the next day.

Sun morning Spouse & I were up at 6:00 to get ready for the National Equality March. We joined 40+ other folks on a chartered bus that took us to DC, and I'm so glad we did that instead of driving ourselves. Here is Rusty, Spouse, and Bob on the bus:Fortunately we had fantastic weather. Here are Jeanne and Matt whom we met on the bus:
Don't you wish every mom was like Jeanne? Here is me and Spouse:

The Newlyweds arrived shortly after we did and met up with us near the start location for the march.
They left the march early to attend a friend's (gay) wedding.

Here are our good friends Rick & Nick. Rick (in the hot pink shirt) is also our personal trainer.
We met these two nice fellows while waiting for the march line-up. I nicknamed them 'The Rainbow Boys' for obvious reasons.
Our friend Scott joined Spouse as he held his sign above his head in true 'Norma Gay' style.
I was impressed with the wonderful, support straight folks who joined the march.

It seemed everyone had signs or t-shirts with messages.
Thanks to the wonder of cell phone technology, I was able to meet up with my friend Chris and fellow blogger Larry from Ohio at the march, too. Unfortunately my camera batteries went dead before I was able to get photos of them. I knew Tony from RI was there, but did not have his phone number. I know many of you were there in spirit.

The march culminated at the Capitol where the Gay Mens Chorus of Washington DC sang and an impressive number of celebrity speakers addressed the crowd. As we expected, the rally went on longer than scheduled and folks like us began leaving the rally before it was over in order to catch their buses.

When we got home shortly before 9:00 we were exhausted. We each had a snack and went to bed at 9:30.

It was a full weekend that passed far to quickly... the story of my life!

Crush du Jour: James Ramos


Larry Ohio said...

It was wonderful meeting you fellas xoxo. We got sunburned! Did you?

anne marie in philly said...

thanks for sharing, mark!

reminds me of the 1993 pride parade I attended in dc..."str8 against h8"...LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

And of course I had to be incommunicado during the trip.

I'm pretty sure there will be another one. But I was surprised by how far people traveled to get there. We actually met a group from Utah.

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, nice pics from the march, thanks for sharing them.

tornwordo said...

I wish I could have come. Looks like a great event!

Steven said...

Glad you were able to have a fun-filled weekend and enjoy some camaraderie with others in DC attending a great cause.