Thursday, October 01, 2009

Its a sign

I don't care HOW GOOD the food is, I am not eating at these places.

A restaurant for sadists?

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be so hasty.
Imagine the menu here...

This is a chain; there's one just a few miles from our house!

This seems to have potential.

Surely I was too harsh earlier. This place might be worth it!

Um, not this one...

Excuse me???

Definitely not!

Better see a doctor.

Bottoms up!

Come on now... you mean NOBODY thought better of this?

Now this is just GROSS!

For the fetish diners.
They specialize in chicken.

Again, eeww!

A mistake you don't want to make.

I bet this place is always empty.

Only for straight men and lesbians.

If you ask me, the word "Dung" should never be associated with any restaurant or carry-out, regardless of the native language or cuisine.

Crush du Jour: Billy Jeffrey


Anonymous said...

It's amazing no one tied to these places ever stepped back and said, "You know, this might be taken a certain way."

Kevin said...

phat phuc is by far my favourite!

anne marie in philly said...

the crush today is loverly!

there is a chinese restaurant in cooperstown NY called "foo king john" (a real dump!).

Angel said...



cb said...

I would eat at each and every one!! I LOVE pun names!!!

I've always thought of opening a Deli or Cafe and calling it the "Sanitary Napkin"

cb said...

BTW, I think the Bung Hole is great-- especially since I think the original meaning of bung hole has something to do with the hole in a keg.

tornwordo said...

I'm 12, I laughed at every poo one.

Steven said...

The "Cum n Eat" restaurant is just too...Ewwwwww!!

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, these were too fun!