Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanda Sykes

I have enjoyed Wanda Sykes for years. I used to watch BET's stand-up comedy shows just for Wanda and Cheryl Underwood.

Then I remember hearing Wanda do those prank phone calls where she called a prison to ask about conjugal visits. When they asked which prisoner she wanted to visit she replied "Any that are willing. Basically I want to volunteer for conjugal visits." Too funny!

She's had 2 successful stand-up shows "Tongue Untied" and "Sick and Tired", both of which were fantastic.

Then Wanda started getting parts in films and TV shows like "Wanda at Large", "Monster in Law", and "The New Adventures of Old Christine".

But most recently Wanda has made me smile by coming out at a Join the Impact rally. Thank you, Wanda!

Crush du Jour: Marcel Schlutt


Java said...

Pretty cool! I know Wanda best from her voice role in Over the Hedge.

tankmontreal said...

My introduction to Ms Sykes was her recurring role on Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm: hysterical and left me wanting more more more.