Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday fragments

Last Sat it was 70 degrees during the 'Join the Impact' rally. 4 days later it was 33 degrees and we had snow flurries. We are getting snow flurries again today. I suppose it is that time of the year.

Work has been super-busy this week. One of my colleagues is "no longer with the company", and when our manager and other colleagues tried to transition her work, they found all kinds of 1/2 done stuff and stuff that should have been done but wasn't. They found all kinds of hand written notes on her desk with various bits of client information. Yeah, a real mess. So I have been trying best I can to help out with the clean-up.

Since work has kept me busy non-stop during work hours, I've not been able to visit and comment on many blogs. I was going to do it last night, but Spouse got a little irritated so I didn't. "You're on the computer all day long. How can you be on there at night too?" I'm sure this seems like a logical argument to him, but not to me. Using a computer for work and using a computer to visit and comment on blogs are 2 entirely different things to me. Anybody else's spouse give them a hard time about evening/night computing?

This weekend weekend we'll be preparing for having company over the Thanksgiving weekend. We need to do a super duper housecleaning, go grocery shopping, make the guest room beds up, and be sure that guest baths have towels, TP, soap, etc. Real exciting stuff!

On Sat we're going to glass art show and sale. Our friend and glass artist Deb Appleby is having her annual holiday open house. Last year be bought this as our Christmas gift to each other.
I doubt we'll buy anything this year, but it is always great to look at all her beautiful glass work.

The garage called today regarding my baby's check-up. I gave them the go-ahead to proceed with the work. It'll be at least a week before she's ready, because the new exhaust has to be special ordered and then shipped to the garage. But I can be patient because I know when she comes home she'll be purrin' like a kitten.

Crush du Jour: Bryan Thomas


Mistress Maddie said...

Good luck with all the cleaning this weekend. I love me some Bryan Thomas. He is as nice also as he is hot! He has a blog to,I don't know if you knew.

Unknown said...

My spouse used to bitch out loud about my time blogging, now he just rolls his eyes and goes to bed or watches TV in the other room... before he goes to bed, if I have had a few cocktails, there is usually some snide 'keep your clothes on and donn't post anythingg stupid' comment... oh well...

Unknown said...

happy cleaning...

cb said...

I hope your thanksgiving is grand. And do try to stop by at least a FEW blogs! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm an I.T. guy so I'm pretty much on computers day and night. Keyron accepts that now. Especially since he's had his own computer for several years now. When I buy myself a new one, he gets a new one. That's solved the whole issue.

The thing he doesn't get is my phone collection. I collect mostly from the 40's on up. My latest acquisition is a Western Electric 1D2 Coin Station aka a pay phone.

He actually gets that one.

We've still got to clean up and get things ready for Thursday. What fun.

Java said...

Superman usually doesn't say anything about my evening computer time, though he has "a look" that I recognize as being somewhat disapproving, or impatient maybe. He goes in the other room and writes his story on the other computer, or looks at his favorite comics online. That can take hours.

Hope your Saturday has been pleasant and productive!

Kevin said...

Luckily for me, Poodle is always working. When he's not pounding away on the laptop, I shut the desk top down and spend time with him.

and Bryan Thomas is my Alternate Universe X-boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

It's 65F here in Providence, RI yet we got down into the 30's just a couple days ago.

It's crazy weather.

As to the jealousy, I solved that problem by buying two laptops.

I bet you can't wait for your baby to be ready.