Sunday, November 30, 2008

Somewhat lazy Sunday

Despite going to bed before midnight last night, Spouse & I slept in until 10:30 this morning! It was raining and dark, which always makes a person want to stay in bed.

I'd wanted to get the white lights put on the wrap around porch today, but since it was raining, Spouse said he didn't want to do it. I reminded him that we could wrap the lights around the porch railing while standing on the porch, and therefore not get wet, but he didn't want to. Then I remembered he'd had back pain all week, and standing outside in the dampness for an hour might not have been a good idea.

So I vacuumed the main floor of the house, unloaded the dishwasher for the dozenth time in less than a week, and tossed several sets of sheets in the washer. I finally got Spouse to help me carry the Christmas tree down from the attic to the living room, and we assembled it together. That was as much as he wanted to do on this lazy Sunday, and although I could easily have strung the lights on the tree (and the porch, for that matter), I reminded myself that there is a kind of beauty in just taking it easy on a rainy Sunday.

Then Spouse used left over turkey meat to make a turkey/vegetable/rice soup that smells awesome, while I ate left over dressing and watched him. Then I took the last of the turkey left overs and made turkey salad.

We've both read our emails, and I just updated my 2007 Christmas card list and now have my 2008 Christmas card list! I love writing, addressing, and sending Christmas cards. I have a ritual that I love to follow every year. I probably won't start the cards this week though, because Mon after work is my work out, Tues after work we'll put up the lights on the porch and/or tree, Wed night is my mens discussion group, Thurs night is the Lewes Hospitality Night, and Fri after work we're leaving for a weekend in VA. So I may start the cards next Sun evening, or the following week.

Its hard to believe my 5-day holiday weekend is nearing its end. But December will feel like a short month because I have 4 days of leave to use before the end of the month, so I will probably take a day off every week. Plus, I'll be off 2 days for Christmas in addition to the 4 days of leave. I have a feeling December will fly by.

Crush du Jour: Erik Eidem

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Joie Mayfield said...

I, too, love working on Christmas Cards. I hope to have a spouse one day to enjoy it with me.

Oh, and I like your crush, too. ;)