Sunday, May 04, 2008

About Friday

Work was really busy/hectic on Fri so I didn't get a chance to post, or even take a lunch break for that matter. After work Spouse & I went for a convertible ride since the weather was absolutely spectacular. We wound up at a nursery and browsed through all kinds of gorgeous plants and shrubs, the names I can neither remember nor pronounce. It was fun to look around though.

As we were walking the dog two guys pulled into a driveway and got out of their car and began talking to Jordan. We'd seen them a few days before, and I noted that although they had CA plates on both their cars, one of them seemed very familiar to me. This time we stopped and chatted with them a bit.

They moved in 2 months ago, from Laguna Beach CA. Matt was offered the same golden opportunity I'd gotten, to work from home. John, the one who seemed so familiar, said he'd worked in elderly care in CA and was currently an assistant manager at a clothing store.

They asked where we'd moved from and when Spouse told them Northern VA, John said he'd lived in Northern VA prior to CA. Then it started coming back to me. You see, John is one of those guys who never gets mistaken for straight, m'kay? I asked John if he had by chance worked in the telecom industry and he said yes. I asked if he had worked for WinStar or Teligent and he said yes, Teligent. "That's why you look familiar to me," I said. "I worked at Teligent too." We confirmed that we had worked there at the same time, and his department occupied the cubicle farm on the other side of the corridor from mine. We surely saw each other going to and from our desks, the kitchen/break room, the rest room, and waiting for the elevator.

What an amazing coincidence that, with all the big cities and small towns between CA and DE, John & I would choose the same small town!

We exchanged pleasant goodbyes and as Spouse & I continued walking Jordan we said we should invite Matt & John to dinner soon. We knew what it was like to move here without knowing anyone. Despite there being lots of gay couples in our town, Matt & John are probably our only gay neighbors under the age of 60.

Rather than meeting 'the usual suspects' for dinner at a restaurant like we normally do on Fri nights, we all met for a cook-out at John-the-haircutter's house. (John-the-haircutter owns a salon in Milton, and is not the same John we'd just met in our neighborhood.) Since Spouse had taken the day off for a doctor's appointment, he took advantage of the extra free time and made home made hummus (eaten with baby carrots) and Paula Deen's corn casserole which is always a crowd pleaser. We brought them both to the cook-out. It was a perfect night for a cook-out, and we had a great time.

When we got home we watched a little TV and then went to bed a little early, since we'd planned a big day on Sat.

Crush du Jour: Adam Garcia

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