Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The torrential rain and damaging winds that started Sun evening finally let up as we slept, more than 24 hours after they started. Today the sun is shining brightly and there is a light breeze.
This halcyon weather brought the surveyors out bright and early this morning. Several very straight-looking men in pick-up trucks with surveying equipment were already at work this morning when I walked Jordan at 8:15.

I'm not sure, but I believe my street is going to be torn up so that storm water drainage pipes can be installed underneath. This has been requested by my neighbors starting sometime before we moved here 16 months ago. Every time it rains the water collects in huge puddles in the narrow street and/or runs under the foundation of one of my neighbor's house.

The surveyors have been here for over 4 hours, which is surprising because the street is so narrow that only one-way traffic is permitted, and is only long enough for 4 houses. I can't imagine it taking more than 15 minutes to survey this little bit of land, but then again, what do I know of surveying?

One of the surveyors is a guy who looks to be in his early 20s; much younger than 'my type'. He attracted my attention because he had pushed the sleeves of his t-shirt up over his shoulders, revealing his nicely sculpted muscular arms.
And did I mention he had on a backwards baseball cap? Yet another thing to add to his appeal.

I've read blogs detailing visits from hot-n-sexy plumbers, electricians, and cable repairmen but such as not been my experience. I usually get the 60-year old plumber in the waist size 48 jeans that barely manage to contain his giant, fat ass. Or the cable TV guy with the gross, greasy hair that appears to not have been washed for at least a week. So I am happy at what appears to be a change in luck.

Looks like he and the others are packing up now. It seems my office window voyeurism is about to end.

Crush du Jour: Jason Priestley


David Dust said...

Honey, you should have marched right out there with a big, refreshing pitcher of lemonade for BigArmsBaseBallCap Dude & friends.


RAD said...

hope you are dryiing out well with the sun being back. Lucky you with the eye gasim workers!

Anonymous said...

Dirty Mum, Dirty.

Christopher said...

I hear ya brother...I always get the old, fat & farty plumbers to show up at my place...although there was a cable guy that showed up once that...wait, that was a porno I saw online...le sigh!

cb said...

You guys HAVE been having some bad weather, haven't you? But at least you got a humpy surveyor.

I get ugly cable guys, but decent plumbers. One especially.