Friday, May 23, 2008


A while back I read that blueberries were good for you. Apparently they have some kind of super antioxidants in them or something, yada yada yada. The gist of the article was that blueberries are a health food.This seemed like good news to me because I love blueberries, and finding out that they are a 'health food' makes me feel like I'm doing my body good by eating them.
Imagine my delight when I realized that this was no longer 'desert', but rather, 'health food'!
I'm certain I'd be redundant if I mentioned that a blueberry martini was no longer a 'cocktail', but a 'health beverage'. I mean, you get the picture, right?

Okay, so maybe I don't have a degree in nutrition but it seemed to make sense for a little while. At least it made sense while I was sucking down those 'health beverages'!

Our friends Bugsy & Roger are coming today to spend the long Memorial Day weekend with us and, being on this 'health kick', I suggested that Bugs surprise me with some cocktail recipes made with... blueberry vodka!
I expect we will have a gay old time trying out the different concoctions and adjusting the ingredients in them until we have perfected each drink.
Wishing everyone and fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.

Crush du Jour: Thor Knai


Kevin said...

wow, by the end of memorial day weekend, you're going to look 21 again!

RAD said...

Cheers with a blueberry martini! Thor make me throb...Good weekend wishes to you!

tornwordo said...

I love blueberries, plain yogurt and a bit of brown sugar. Delicious.

cb said...

I 'think' that the vodka may negate any health effect from the distilled blueberry colorant...

Bugsy said...

I love the blue in the picture of the martinis! So is Thor!