Thursday, June 22, 2006


Last week the weather was gorgeous! We were able to keep our windows open at home for several days. I love sleeping with the windows open. Since we left for the beach on Fri evening, we left the a/c turned off. But then Sat the weather changed, and it’s been over 90 degrees every day since then. When we returned home Sun night, it was SO HOT, particularly upstairs, that the a/c just couldn’t seem to work fast enough. I had a really hard time getting to sleep because of the heat.

Last weekend we had a great time at the beach with Bugsy & Roger. In addition to time on the beach, we also did a little shopping, reading, eating, cocktail drinking, and laughing. One of the things that produced some laughter was Joe’s assertion that the lyrics to “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” were “Badder than Nat King Cole; meaner than a junkyard dog.” Thank god for the internet, which confirmed the correct lyrics to be “Badder than Old King Kong; meaner than a junkyard dog.”

Tues after work I went on a vacuuming spree! We’ve been busy and out of town so many weekends that we really hadn’t cleaned our house recently. Having both a dog and a cat, the pet hair accumulates quickly. It can make me feel depressed when the house is dirty, so I spent over an hour vacuuming and it made me feel great when I was done!

I got very upset this week when I heard that the Senate had voted NOT to increase the minimum wage. While the poor have not seen an increase in the minimum wage in over 10 years, the Congress voted last week to give themselves yet another pay raise! Remember that the Congress also has the very best medical insurance which is paid for by tax-payers, including those making minimum wage. There’s something very wrong with this picture…

Yesterday Joe bought pork barbeque and buns at the store for dinner. Rather than putting the buns in the pantry, he simply tossed the package onto the kitchen table. He went to his private practice appointments, and when I got home I spent some time on the computer, not paying attention to the dog. (Note that clever use of foreshadowing.) Later I came downstairs and fed the dog. Normally when I ask her if she wants to eat, she excitedly gives me a bark (yes) and wags her tail. I took note that she seemed much less eager to eat than usual, but quickly dismissed it as a possible side affect of her advancing age. When Joe got home and we prepared to eat he asked me what I had done with the buns. I responded that I hadn’t done anything with them. A moment later he said “Come look at this!” When I got in the kitchen, Joe pointed to the empty plastic bag, under the kitchen table. Jordan had pulled the bag off the table and eaten all 8 buns!! I was afraid she’d get sick from all that bread but she didn’t. We wound up eating the barbequed pork over crushed potato chips (I know, that sounds so ‘white trash’) since we had no buns or bread.

There was another Mullet Man sighting yesterday, only this time he was alone. I fear my earlier predictions may have come true regarding his friends' and co-workers' embarassment over being seen with him in public.


tornwordo said...

I can't believe they voted it down. Unbelievable. And the potato chip idea sounds yummy. Does that make me white trash?

Bugsy said...

For an old dog, Jordan sure keeps you on your toes!

Good thinking on the potato chips, although I bet that Martha Stewart would have something to say! Oh my!

Thanks for the fun time at the beach!