Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sailing on Sat

On Sat we went sailing. Yard sailing, that is.

Every year this neighborhood near us has a gigantic neighborhood yard sale. They close off a street and all the neighbors bring their unwanted or no longer needed items to the street to sell. They've been having this big yard sale for about 18 years, I think. For the last few years it has been our tradition to go with my aunt Mary. The Newlyweds have also gone the last 2 years, as they are avid bargain hunters as well.

In the past I've gotten lots of great bargains. One year I got a complete place setting for 8 of dishes for $10. I didn't need the dishes, but they were such a good bargain (and quite attractive) that I bought them anyway with the idea I would donate them to a needy family. I kept those dishes for almost 6 months until the call came for 'Secret Santa'. I was thrilled to have them to give.

Another year I bought a ceramic bowl with an iris on it for $5. There was a chip broken off one the petals of the iris but I liked it anyway.

This year I got a cute metal side table for $8. The top was painted to look like its wood, with a small flower and leaf motif on the top. It folds up for easy storage, and since it is metal it can be used indoors or outdoors. Delightful!

Afterward we went to the large Civitan yard sale that is actually not held in anyone's yard, but rather in a County parking garage. Dozens of people have paid a small fee to set up tables to sell their stuff. You find more 'collectibles' at this sale, as opposed to the unwanted/no longer needed items at the neighborhood sale.

I didn't buy anything this time, but the last time we went to the Civitan sale I bought a very cute set of 3 vintage aluminum canisters, embossed with 'sugar', 'flour', and 'tea' in art deco style lettering. They look fab in our kitchen, with our stainless steel appliances.

We used to go yard sailing all the time, in our earlier years when we were still nesting and 'setting up housekeeping' as the old folks would say. These days we shudder at the thought of what we'll do with all our "stuff" when we move. If our next house doesn't have exactly the same number and size of rooms, something won't fit. But then I tell myself to relax and not feel too attached to this "stuff". After all, its not the "stuff" - but rather the people - that makes the life.

And speaking of "the people", after the yard sailing we 'sailed' out to Kerry & Hugh's. Kerry's cousin Mary and her husband Art were visiting from New Hampshire, so we spent the afternoon with them and Kerry's sister and dad. The weather was just beautiful so we drove out with the top down, and then all sat on their front porch talking, laughing, and eating. We had a lovely time, and I couldn't believe how quickly the day had passed.

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Bugsy said...

You make this sound like so much fun! It makes me want to go shopping!

I agree with you that its the people that make up life, however, the stuff adds details to that. Unfortunately, too much stuff is overkill. Purge, purge, purge!

An occasional purge of stuff is a good thing, especially if and when one moves!