Monday, July 15, 2019


I have a thing for sunglasses.  I haven't counted lately but I'd guess I have 40 pairs.

Not expensive, designer sunglasses.  Quite the opposite actually. Most of my sunglasses were under $10.  The most expensive pair was $20.  

I buy them anywhere and everywhere.  From a beach vendor in Puerto Vallarta, at the Walmart in Palm Springs, from online vendors, and occasionally even from the Dollar Tree.

I don't need my sunglasses to be "high quality" or to last forever, because I have so many and am always looking for new ones, its OK with me if they aren't heirloom quality.  

Here's a pair I bought online.  I'd seen someone wearing a pair in Puerto Vallarta but was unable to find them there, most likely because they were purchased elsewhere, so I ordered them from Amazon.  I think the blue/green all-over mirror finish coordinates nicely with my shirt.  Note: there is no frame/lens distinction.  

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anne marie in philly said...

hi handsome! reminds me of this (safe for work):