Monday, March 06, 2017

Back to work

Today I went back to work!  After 1 week on vacation and 5 weeks at home (and in the hospital), its been 6 weeks since I've been to work.

I brought a special bag with flushable moist wipes and absorbent pads which I hid in the shelving unit that houses the toilet paper and paper towels.  Since the wound is still draining, I have to wear an absorbent pad in my underwear.  I like to change it after using the bathroom which is why I brought some to the office, along with the moist wipes.  Ugh... so much work just to use the bathroom!

The day went pretty good.  Since the nurse told me not to sit for more than 2 hours at a time, I alternated between sitting on my memory foam pillow at my desk and standing with my laptop perched on a high counter in the office.  

Everyone in the office was very nice and welcomed me back genuinely.  I spent most of the day catching up on the status of my transactions which my colleagues had helped me with, and 'taking back' the remaining tasks.  I got tired around 3:30 so I decided to go home at 4:00 instead of staying until 5:00.  

Not bad for my 1st day back!


anne marie in philly said...

now go carefully; none of this male macho shit; you have a serious illness to overcome!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear you have been so ill, and very glad to hear you're doing so much better. I wondered where you have been. I'm glad you had a good vacation before things went so wrong.


Biki Honko said...

Congrats on getting well enough to go back to work! It's so hard to not have the usual stamina, but it will return.