Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  Make it your goal to hug a veteran today and thank them for their service to our country.

Today was a lazy day for me & Spouse.  Both our offices were closed so we both had the day off, but it has rained on and off so we've just been relaxing and watching TV with the dogs on our laps.

I don't mind having a 'lazy day' like this once in a while, especially if I've also had an especially productive day recently.  Yesterday the weather was awesome so Spouse & I pulled all of the screened porch furniture into the yard.  I cleaned the furniture with a wet rag while he power washed the inside of the porch.  Its always amazing to me how dirty the inside of the screened porch can get!  While everything was drying we went around to the front yard and pulled a few weeds and planted the 2 yellow rose bushes I gave him for our 20th anniversary as well as planted a couple of colorful annuals we picked up Sat evening to brighten up one of the beds.  Its been a good year for our roses!  The long stem soft pink Queen Elizabeth roses, the medium pink knock-out roses, the magenta knock-out roses, and the orange knock-out roses are all blooming like crazy!  In a year or 2 the new yellow roses should join the club.

Then we carried all the porch furniture back into the screened porch and arranged everything.  I even cleaned the 3 lanterns and planted a small basil plant in a pot.  

It was a nicely productive day, and it felt good to be out in the sun for a while considering all the rain we've had this month.  After taking showers and having a snack, Spouse & I hung our new canvas.
Since it looks much more like Marvin then it does Walter, Spouse was concerned that Walter may begin acting out because we hung a giant picture that looks like his brother and not one that looks like him.  I told Spouse that they may be smart, but their not THAT smart. 

Later we went out to dinner with Steven & Thad and I decided to pull my hair back into a Samurai knot.  
I think it looks kinda cool and hipster-like.  I knew Thad would ridicule me for this "age inappropriate" hairstyle, which of course he did.  But I like changin' it up now and then.  Your thoughts on the Samurai knot??

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was good!


anne marie in philly said...

a man bun! and a nice portrait of "marvin".

Fearsome Beard said...

Luvin the new canvas!
Chihuahuas rule!