Friday, May 20, 2016


Today is the 4th anniversary of Marvin Parker's adoption, or as I call it, his Homecoming.

This was the photo of Marvin on the shelter's website.  They said his eyes were a little groggy because he was just coming off of the anesthesia from his neutering
 We adopted Marvin from our local shelter so we don't know his actual birthday.  Instead, we celebrate the day he joined our family and found his forever home; thus his Homecoming day.

Me & Spouse with Marvin on the back porch
One of my favorite photos; Marvin sleeping on my shoulder
Marvin is typically social.  He's not afraid of strangers and will let nearly anyone pet him and hold him.
Marvin 'took' to Sean immediately when he & Jeffrey visited
 Marvin loves to be petted and will sit on your lap for hours as long as he's getting good scratches.
His Regalness
 Marvin has always loved Spouse's mom.  When we visit he will hop up into her lap for some love.
Sleeping on Grandma's lap on Mother's Day

Bath time
For the most part Marvin gets along well with other dogs.  Sometimes when we're in the yard and someone approaches 'his territory' he will get protective.  He gets along great with Walter.
Marvin, Papa, and younger brother Walter
Marvin is very smart and responds to many verbal commands.
Sleeping while Daddy watches TV
It is rare for Marvin to relax or sleep on his own.  He always wants to be on me or at least touching me.
Marvin just can't tolerate yet another episode of House Hunters

Chillin' on Daddy's shoulder
So today its all about Marvin!


Breenlantern said...

Yay! Happy homecoming, Marvin! Can't wait to see you again and meet your brother!

Ur-spo said...

what a delightful tale !

anne marie in philly said...

time sure passes quickly with a furkid; happy homecoming day, marvin! I have not met you OR your handsome brother yet...

Anonymous said...

Happy Homecoming Day Marvin! What a cute little fellow you are!


Fearsome Beard said...

He's a handsome boy.