Monday, May 16, 2016


We bought a sofa off of Amazon!!

It was becoming more and more apparent that we needed to replace the sofa in our TV room.  I convinced Spouse to join me and look at some styles/fabrics at a local furniture store.  After about 10 minutes he declared that "everything is ugly".

In reality he just didn't want to continue looking at furniture.  He said "shopping in brick and mortar stores is passe" and that it takes so much less time to shop online.  I think this is true in some cases, but not for everything.  I'd really like to sit/lounge on a sofa in person before buying one.

But we didn't.  We were looking for something pretty specific so we checked a couple of furniture store websites and then ended up looking on Amazon and found this:
This is not a photo from the website - this is our sofa in our TV room.

It is "bonded leather", which I'm still not quite sure exactly what that is, but Spouse was keen on it because of the ease of removing dog fur with a quick swipe.  Its a deep red, which looks ok with the rug but I don't like the curtains with it.  No worries though - the curtains were super cheap and almost 10 years old so I'm happy to replace the curtains with new panels.

The best thing about this new sofa is that we don't have to fight over a chaise or ottoman because both sides are recliners!
This is a stock photo from the website, showing one side in the process of reclining.
Some might think its odd or risky to make a 'major purchase' like a sofa online, without having touched or seen it in person.  But this sofa was the same price as the sofa it replaced, which we purchased almost 12 years ago, and came with free shipping, so we decided to take a chance on it.  At least so far we've not been disappointed.  Its quite comfortable and reclines to almost a lying down position if you want.  I normally just put the leg part up.

When Steven & Thad learned that we'd bought a sofa off of Amazon they were barely surprised.  When I questioned them about it they said "You bought a 1959 Cadillac off of eBay sight unseen, so why would we be surprised at this?"

I guess they had a good point.


anne marie in philly said...

looks lovely! I know in which room this new sofa resides. and yes, those curtains have GOT to go!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It seems you have very good luck shopping on the internet.


rickajho said...

For those who need to know: "Bonded leather" is anything that is NOT actually leather. The name intentionally has no specific definition in either the furniture or fabric industry - and furniture manufacturers want to keep it that way as long as they can get away with it. Why? So consumers think they are getting something they are not. We ain't got no Ralph Nader jumping on this one so far.

At one time "bonded leather" was remainder scraps of leather that were glued together, processed and dyed - which resulted in a faux leather material with weak spots that would break down and tear easily. These days, since vinyl is just plain cheaper, they just call vinyl coverings with an embossed "leather looking" pattern bonded leather and... there you go.

The bottom line is anything described as "bonded leather" is anything but leather. At least a sold piece of it. Caveat Emptor.