Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Girls

I started watching a new show on the Discovery Life network called "New Girls on the Block".  It focuses on 6 transgender women who live in Kansas City.  Let's meet the cast:

Jaime and AiYana both used to be straight men, but are now lesbians in a relationship with each other. 

Chloe and Kassidy are best friends and used to be roommates until Kassidy moved to TX for a new job. Kassidy returns to Kansas City frequently to hang with her friends.

Robyn is in a hetero relationship with Andrew, who was Robyn's best friend when she used to be male.  "We went from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend" she says in the opening.

Macy used to be Ken, and is still married to and living with her wife of several years, Sharon.

While I guess this show is technically a reality show, it is not at all like the other reality shows that are far from reality.  (Read: The Real Housewives, The Shahs of Sunset, etc.)  This show has more of a documentary feeling, and I'm enjoying learning more about the challenges and rewards of transitioning.  I have no interest in changing genders but I have a lot of respect for those brave enough to undertake it.  I've seen several shows over the years that have focused on the preparation to transition and the beginnings of it.  This is the first show I've seen that is entirely focused on life after transitioning.

I encourage you to give this show a try!  "New Girls on the Block" airs on Sat nights.  Find your channel and show time here.

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Biki Honko said...

I don't have cable, but I'd like to see an episode or two. You're right, all the shows are about before they transition, never after. But one thing that does frost my cookies, is they never show trans men.