Monday, April 13, 2015

In memoriam

Yesterday Spouse & I went to breakfast with Steven and Joe P an hour earlier than normal so I could get back home and finish painting.  I wanted to get it done and everything put back before going back to work on Mon. 

I literally finished painting about 20 minutes before I had to be out the door.  Fortunately I didn't need to shower, I just had to change clothes, touch up my hair, and head out.  I was going to a celebration of the life of my friend Scott Weston, more commonly known by his drag alter-ego Cashetta.

I first saw Cashetta on a gay comedy show on Logo TV a few years ago when Cashetta was introduced as the "world's only drag magician".  Later Cashetta became friends with the owners of the Blue Moon and performed several times each week there in the summer months, doing magic shows, palm reading, seances, traditional drag/lip synch, and live singing.  Last summer Cashetta asked me to sing in her weekly show called "Showcase" where I picked songs that meant something to me.  It was a really wonderful experience to sing meaningful songs for an appreciative audience.  Cashetta was so gracious and complimentary.

Sadly, Cashetta passed away suddenly a few weeks ago.  While our friendship didn't go back years and years, I can honestly say that I still feel that I knew the real Cashetta.  She was always sincere, genuine, supportive of others' talents, and very, very funny.  She will definitely be missed by those who had the honor of knowing her.  The owners of the Blue Moon hosted a lovely, respectful, but light-hearted tribute to Cashetta that was very well attended.  I'm pretty sure they had to turn away people at the door to remain compliant with the fire code.  
I was glad to be there.  Steven & Joe P came too.  

Afterward we had dinner together and Spouse helped me move the furniture back into place.  Here's a shot of the foyer/entryway.  
I'll have to wait for better lighting to photograph the living room. 


anne marie in philly said...

I wondered if you had the occasion to meet cashetta. may she RIP.

Mistress Maddie said...

Oh boy Cashetta was a trip!!!!! The first time I ever met her was in NYC years ago. She was definitely a pioneer to us late eighties early nineties drag queens. The second time was a entertaining cruise with Miss Richfield. I was so shocked to hear of her passing. I'm glad Rehoboth was able to embrace her talents.

Bob said...

She sounds fabulous, and will be missed I'm sure.

Biki Honko said...

At least you have happy memories to go with the sad one of her passing.

Love the paint color! And that stacking chest is awesome too!