Wednesday, June 25, 2014


As I was loading groceries into my car, I became aware of an older couple nearby whose conversation had quickly become increasingly loud.

HIM:  This thing isn't working.  (He was pointing his key fob directly at the car and repeatedly pushing it.)
HER:  Huh??
HIM:  (Even louder) This thing isn't working!
HER:  Are you pushing the right button?
HIM:  I've pushed it 50 times!
HER:  But are you pushing the right button??
HIM:  Yes I'm pushing the right button!
HER:  Wait... this isn't our car.  Where did our car go???
HIM:  What?  Its not our car?
HER:  No, this one has black seats.  What happened to our car???
HIM:  Where'd our car go?

At this point I considered going over to see if I could help them.  But just as I finished loading and was about to return my cart, I determined they were okay.

HER:  Look - I think that's our car!  (She pointed to an identical color/model car in the same parking space of the next isle over.)  Push the clicker that way!
HIM:  You think that's our car??
HER:  Yes, push the clicker over there!

The lights flashed and the trunk opened on their car.

God bless old people!  But in their defense, I think I've done the same thing once or twice, and I'm not old yet.


Biki Honko said...

Haha! A few years ago hubby and I went to a big box diy store, and he was busily putting things in the bed of the truck when I hopped out of the truck and told him to put everything back on the dolly. Yeah, it wasnt our truck. After getting inside I noticed a soda in the cup holder, and we dont drink soda! Talk about embarrassed!

anne marie in philly said...

I did this last week - tried to get into a car that wasn't mine, yet same model and color as mine. no one saw me, so...

AZ said...

Same here, big box store, find our truck, "click" the doors don't unlock, stick the key in the door lock -- the key doesn't work, look inside the cab -- not our truck! Sneak off with our cart hoping nobody noticed.

tornwordo said...

Oh I have done the same thing. Also, paying for gas and driving away without putting it in the tank. Can't wait to see what awaits me in old age.